Synergies Sourcing is a global apparel sourcing agent and supply chain management company with over 20 offices in more than 10 countries, from Bangladesh to the United States. Synergies Sourcing provides low cost sourcing in apparel, home textiles, fashion accessories, footwear, decorative accessories, and other goods for companies in the fashion and hospitality industries. We have strong relationships with manufacturers and quality suppliers around the globe, and maintain high production standards through our team of on-site inspection agents and import / export specialists. Since opening our doors in 1987, Synergies Sourcing has grown to a team of more than 500 strategic sourcing professionals, and currently manages more than $300 million dollars in international trade for over 75 of the world’s most recognizable fashion and apparel brands.


Quality Control- Quality Assurance is in Synergies' DNA. It is our core mission to monitor pre-production and production to ensure on-time deliveries, superior production quality, and necessary AQL standards.

Synergies Sourcing is more than just an industry leader in global sourcing, we have a world class team that develops online supply chain software. Our industry knowledge along with top-tier analysts gives us an edge to study, understand, and optimize each business process with technology. We build custom solutions catered specifically to your needs. We guarantee an improvement in productivity and an increase in real-time performance visibility.